STEM Academy has been imparting training on Robotics and Embedded Technology for both students and Graduates.In case there is a requirement,STEM Robotics also undertakes customized training programs and skill based robotics training.

  • The training centers are equipped with well-organized infrastructure and study materials for the enrolled students.

  • The training programs are absolute hands-on with the trainers, showering individual attention to the students. In a nutshell, STEM's unique training schedules help the budding engineers to get acquainted with the industry standards and finer elements of soft skills, which would give them an edge over their peers.

  • The syllabus is customized to nurture the creativity among students and the trainers are professionals in their respective fields with experience. The students are kept well-informed about up–to–date developments, which could help the students gain more knowledge about latest technologies.

  • STEM conducts workshops, internships and robotics competition for professional students as well as school students
  • We believe that relevant training is essential for high levels of performance, for that the entire course at STEM is well-balanced with a theoretical and hands-on-training approach.

Regular Courses



Industrial Training

Sl. No. Course Name Age Group Duration (Hours) Total Sessions Indicative price (Rs.)
1 Robo Junior 6-12 24 12 3500/-
2 Robo Senior 12-18 30 15 5000/-
3 Robo Master 15-22 30 15 7500/-
4 Arduino Robotics 15+ 60 30 10000/-
5 Raspberry Pi Professional Students 60 30 10000/-
6 IoT Professional Students 60 30 10000/-
7 Vision Robotics Professional Students 60 30 10000/-
8 Image Processing Professional Students 60 30 10000/-
9 Embedded System Designing Professional Students 60 30 10000/-